Bumblebees & Dandelions

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Table of Contents

Bumblebees & Dandelions

Christmas, Carrots and a Cat Named Charlie

Exploding Angel Food Cake

Lost in Niagara Falls  

Spelling Baseball 

Holy Thursday and Ringing the Bells

The Big Pool 

Sting-Ray Bicycles and José Feliciano Burglar Alarms

Delivering the News 

The Day my Coach Listened to Me 

The Music Man at Gaskill Junior High

Dating in the 70s - The 7-digit Stutter Step

The Race 

A Teacher for the Ages – And His Factual Sh!ts 

It's Academic

What Are Clouds Made Of?

Fast Food Cashiers and Microphones 

Is He Rehabilitatable 


Dahlia Bulbs and Sauce

Wine Tastings and the Law School Admissions Test 

Marriage and the Lottery

Tax Law, True Love and the Socratic Method 

Bingo or Chess? 

Men’s Cologne and the Pharmacist 

My “itis” 

Wagging Tails and Hearts of Gold 

Shaving Cream in the Passenger Compartment

Punctuation and Emoticons 

Top of the World

Mining for Gold on Niagara Avenue (By Michael J. Simpson)