Top of the World-
"This is the best one yet. Tears in my eyes for your friend."
Marie Giordano Campagna
Milford, Michigan
Top of the World-
"This one really touched my heart ... love reading your stories!"
Maureen C. Mahoney-Vitello
Flagler Beach, Florida
Top of the World-
"Love this story! So many emotions and oh so many memories come to mind. Keep them coming ... so enjoyable!"
Cherie Visciano-Fineberg
Buffalo, New York
Bumblebees & Dandelions-
"Your best story yet. I just realized I say that about all of them. You truly paint magical pictures of a little boy's mind. You make me read in color. Thank you for this gift. Keep them coming."
Rose Bruno
Niagara Falls, New York
Lost in Niagara Falls-
"You had me at 'cloak room' - thank you Bob!"
Laura Mendola
Anchorage, Alaska
Top of the World-
"I think this one is my favorite so far (then again each time you post one it becomes my favorite so far.) You truly have a gift. I can see your stories playing out in my mind as vividly as if I'm watching a movie."
Jennifer Romanek Santora
Kenmore, New York
Top of the World-
"Oh my goodness, I was right there, riding with you, in my mind. What a wonderful gift you have. Your memories become so clear in my mind's eye that I could actually feel the wind in my hair and my adrenaline pumping on the ride up the mountain. Thank you for bringing me back to that simple time, I have missed it!"
Kim Devitte
Las Vegas, Nevada
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